Monday, March 23, 2015


If you've been around here for any length of time, you know my heart beats for the orphan. James 1:27 clearly commands us to look after the least of these. So when I found out about imME and all that they're doing in Haiti, I eagerly jumped on board.

ImME is an organization based on two principles of orphan care and orphan prevention in Haiti.

Orphan Care for them comes in the shape of orphan homes. They house orphans and offer them the necessary needs of these children as well as love that might not otherwise receive. I have always loved the idea of homes like these. I've been to orphanages. I know their realities, and I love the idea of an alternate to that.

Orphan Prevention looks like a few different things. ImME is unique in their program because they're going one step further with orphan care. They are trying to prevent these children from becoming orphans. They have after school programs that help keep these kids in school. They don't fall by the waist side and get the care and attention and help they need with their schoolwork. I love this.

With all this, I knew I wanted to get involved. So I became a Community Champion. And I'm finally kicking off my BeYOU campaign. I am trying to raise $500 for ImME by the end of the semester. That's 44 days. I want to be a voice for these children. I want to support them and spur them on. Will you help me? Whether it's through a social media shoutout or by financially supporting, I would love you forever.

Please look at imME and see all that they're doing for the orphan in Haiti.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hola from Espana!

Hola mi amigos! 

Today is our third day here and I'm loving every bit of it. From the thousands of steps a day to the little children and the cities, I don't want to leave. The food is fabulous. #allthebread

We did our first day of kids camp yesterday and as chaotic as it was, it was great! They are all so adorable and I'm in love. 

I'm so enjoying this trip with some of the best people imaginable. Thank you again to everyone who helped me get here. I'm posting a few pictures, wishing you could be here with me. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Making long flights bearable.

So tomorrow is the big day where I hop on a plane and head to Spain! (Oh that rhymed!) And I thought I'd give you some of my tips on how to make those long flights bearable. It's gonna be 10 hours, which honestly isn't that bad when compared to the 15 hour flights I used to take to China.

So here's what I'm planning on taking to make these flights as bearable as possible.

A portable charger. This is my life saver. I got one for Christmas and haven't looked back since. This will come handy, especially on the airplane where it's frowned upon to use the USB plug in at the seat. (But who listens to those rules, anyways.)

A long cardigan. This is my staple for this trip. I'm bringing three and couldn't be happier. I love a good long cardi. They cover me up and are so comfortable. Airplanes tend to be on the colder side, so it'll be so comfy to bundle up in.

A good scarf. This is the oldest rule in the book. Always wear a scarf when you're traveling. Have we not already learned that it's cold on the plane? And you know that uncomfortable window? Roll us the scarf for a pillow. So many ways to use it, and it makes you look cute, so win win. I'm bringing my favorite Gap scarf, but I also love these Fashionable scarves. And they're ethically made, so another win win.

Headphones and good music, because duh. I am always looking for new music and have been loving my Spotify playlists recently. Need any good recommendations on music? Let me know, cause I got you.

A good book is always a must. I'm taking Harry Potter with me and I think he'll be a good companion for the ride.

Last but not least is No Jet Lag. I started using this when I went to China and there was a 12 hour time difference to worry about. And I didn't have jet lag. I repeat, no jet lag. And then one year I didn't use it coming home and I'm pretty sure I struggled with jet lag for the next month. Seriously, if you're going anywhere with a time difference, this stuff works like magic.

In addition to watching the blog for pictures and updates while in Spain, check out the team blog to hear from others!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

China thoughts and ramblings.

Today in church, we talked about people with disabilities and if they can be saved. And I couldn't help but picture the children in China that I've wondered this about so many times.
As I sit their holding their hands and praying over them, I wonder if what I'm doing makes a difference in their lives.

 Some of their disabilities are so severe that they cannot even communicate at the age of 10 or older. And it breaks my heart. But I do know that we serve a God that loves them with all His might. And that's a lot of might. So when we go do they see His love through our actions? Do they have the brain capacity to understand who Jesus is? I have to believe yes.

Monday, March 2, 2015

March goals

So we all know that I've failed miserably with posting and keeping up with my goals. I would go back all the way to December and see how I did on those, but a friend was asking me the other day how they went and I failed miserably, yet again. But grace.

So we're starting over.

1| Finish Erin Motz's 30 day yoga challenge.
I started this after a friend recommended it cause I wanted to start doing yoga. And I love it. But I haven't been consistent with it everyday, so 30 days has taken me like 2 months so far. Oops.

2| Be more consistent with my quiet time.
This is something that will always need to work on. I do better with a structured schedule, so being at school helps, but weekends always get me. Recently I've been doing She Reads Truth's studies and I'm so enjoying them.

3| Live the Spaniard way.
We live for Spain less than a week. (Insert freak out here) I'm more than excited. When I go to a different country, I always try to immerse myself into the culture and step outside of what I'm comfortable with. So I titled this one to live the Spaniard way. Except I don't think we'll be partaking in the siestas, though.

4| Attempt to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Can we just all appreciate how long I've been reading these books for? So long. I think they've appeared in all of my monthly goals. But I think with a 10 hour ride to Spain and a 10 hour ride back I should be able to easily finish this one.

5| Lock down what I want in a design. 
I'm ready for a new blog design, yet again. The amazing Jessica Slaughter has agreed to do it for me, so all I need to do is decide what I want. Yeah, not so easy. I've been using pinterest for most of my cultivating, but I'm still all over the place.

Did you set any goals for March? I wanna hear 'em!

Friday, February 27, 2015

A post from the heart.

I've been struggling with this space lately and what it is. My hope for my blog? That Jesus shines through it in all that I do. Does this actually happen? I don't know. And that kills me. Do I write for followers? I don't want to, but unfortunately, I always give myself a little pat on the back when I see my followers number increasing.

Natalie wrote on comparison earlier this month and hit the nail on the head. It summed up my thoughts that stir around my head.

I have to stop comparing myself to others. Because God has made us all in His image and what He has planned for you, may not be what He has planned for me. Like Natalie says, being content is so hard. Maybe it's not something you struggle with, but I definitely do. A lot.

I feel like I'm always really good at looking at my flaws, but that's not what God sees. He sees Jesus when He looks at me.

Wow this is all over the place. I guess that's kinda how I am at this season in my life. But I just wanted to share what's been on my heart lately.

I gotta stop writing for the readers and start writing for Him, because that's why I started this blog in the first place. To get my thoughts out onto a page instead of stuffing them in.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tartan. Forever and Always

So you remember that one time where I linked up with TriStyle & Co. to post about our ugly Christmas sweaters? Well, today we're gonna do something similar. I'm linking up with TriStyle & Co. again, but this time we're all rocking our favorite scarves.

A little about TriStyle & Co. Cause you may be a little confused...

TriStyle & CO. is a collaboration between Samantha of Elah Tree, Elizabeth of Oak + Oats,  and me (Meg of Rivers and Roads!) Our goal is to encourage, awaken, and celebrate the inherent beauty in each one of us as we live in community. Community is a beautiful buzz word and we LOVE the idea of it but even more than loving the idea, we love bringing it! TriStyle & CO. is just that; a place for community and belonging. We'd love for you to join us on this fun style journey. Want to be kept in the loop and meet new friends? Join the growing TriStyle & Co. community!

Let my start by saying that I'm not (I repeat, not) a fashion blogger. At all. But I do have a favorite scarf (okay, maybe a few).

This is my knock-off Zara scarf. Shhh, let's not tell anyone it's not a real Zara scarf. Our little secret, k?

I love wearing it with a simple navy or grey shirt underneath and then layering it with my new favorite cardi from Target. Oh, and my $9 GAP jeans are my favorite.

Basically, I love tartan so much that I have another one with different colors. You can never have too much tartan.

I love this little link-up, even though it's out of my comfort zone by a lot. But that's always a good thing, right?

Did you link up this month? Leave your link below and I'd love to see your favorite scarf!