Hey guys. I am oh so glad you are here and I truly hope you will get comfortable and stay for a bit.

I'm Charlie and it's so great to meet you. If we were to meet in person, I'd likely give you a hug, but meeting like this is okay, too. To sum myself up in a few words, I'm a Christ-follower looking for community, more coffee, and a reason to travel.

You're in the right place if you like Christ, community, and coffee. 

Around here, I talk about my daily need for Christ, my college life, and my favorite things. I call this a "lifestyle" blog, but mainly because it doesn't fit into any other specific category.

You can usually find me in my pajamas, coffee or tea in hand, watching Netflix or reading a book.

Now, here are some things you're dying to know about me:
  • My heart beats for those deemed "unlovable" by society
  • I crave intentional relationships
  • The rain makes me happy
  • I'm always in the mood to hop on a plane
  • I live at the beach and hate the sand
I pray that you will find encouragement here and see God's glory shined forth in every post.

So, grab your coffee or tea and sit and stay awhile. I truly want us to be best friends. So send me a tweetemail me, or comment on an instagram post. Seriously, let me know you're here, cause I'm so glad you are.