Wednesday, February 22, 2017

living a God sized dream.

Well, I just finished my first class of nursing school...successfully, I might add.

And almost every time I think about the tests I've passed or even the times I've studied and the material I've learned, I get a little teary-eyed cause I feel so blessed that God has allowed me to learn about nursing, and to one day become a nurse.

But it hasn't always been the tops of mountains. I guess we should start at the beginning.

When I lost my scholarship at my university. And then I had to move back home and was left with the thoughts of "what now?" I felt like God uprooted me from my path and I didn't know what to do.

What followed was many months of dark thoughts and a lot of listening to my own self doubt. I changed my mind and decided I was gonna do nursing instead, so started taking more courses at home so that I would be on that track. And everything seemed to be falling back into place.

And then rejection hit. Twice.

It's never an easy thing when a school says they don't want you and you just think you're not good enough for them...who's gonna want I ever gonna be a nurse...

All those lovely thoughts that come along with rejection.

But God continued to pick me up and look me square in the face and reminded me that He knew what He was doing...not the other way around.

I got a job working at a hospital in the Charleston area and realized that I was indeed in the right field. and guess what...God wasn't wrong about moving me back home or about calling me into nursing. He was right...yet again.

And then in His timing, I was accepted into a different nursing school and got to experience a season of just working and being at home and planting roots and it was such a good season.

Then January hit and so did the anxiety. I had waited so long to get into nursing school and worked so hard to get in that I felt like I was at the accumulation of so much work and the thoughts of "don't blow it" kept running through my head on a loop.

The weeks that I had looked forward to for almost 2 years were being crippled by anxiety.

But I got help and you know, God never forgot about me and here we are today. Lots of prayer, hard work, the best family and friends a girl could ask for..always supporting me and encouraging me through some difficult weeks.

He is allowing me to live a God sized dream and I just can't help but be so grateful to the One who allows me to be where I am.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and reminded me of God's promises and prayed for me. I love you all so much and covet more prayers throughout the rest of nursing school :)

Love, Charlie, future RN

This is about how I'm feeling about finishing my first class. Let's go to Disney.

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