Thursday, March 3, 2016

breaking the silence.

It's been a very long time since I wrote anything on this space. But today, I'm ready to break the silence.

Last fall, I moved home permanently after being away at school for two years. At the time, I was devastated, but also thankful that I would get to spend more time with my family. I was sad at losing my friends and losing my community that I had grown so fond of. But I was so hopeful that the Lord would provide me with a new community of believers here at home.

But nobody told me it would be this hard. Putting myself back out there and trying to make new friends. This season I'm in is so awkward. I'm college aged...but not exactly in college. I'm not married and don't have kids, but it seems that everyone in this town is.

Needless to say, nobody prepared me for how difficult it would be to make new friends and a new community. It's like freshman year all over again, except you're the only freshman.

After reading over this, I feel like I'm just complaining. But this is just me putting my flag in the ground and saying, "this is where I am."

I'm struggling and relying on the Lord and believing that the good is only to come. I know He will provide for me, in His time.

I will always have the chance to look at the good or bad in every situation. I can dwell on my season of loneliness, or I can give thanks that I get to spend these days with my family, that I get to live on a freakin' island, that its 70 degrees in winter.

He is still good, always.

Sorry this post was so botchy. Just my thoughts and ramblings..but I guess that's what this space is for, anyways. 

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