Wednesday, September 2, 2015

let's wander.

Look at me go! Another post, yippee!

If you didn't catch yesterday's post, I'm doing the Blogtember challenge and writing (maybe) for everyday for the month of September.

Today's prompt is: "describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?"

Within five seconds of reading that, I knew what my answer would be.


That will always be my answer. If I had a choice, internationally, but I'm not picky. I don't even need a plan. Just tell me where I'm going and I'm good to go.

On my most recent trip to Spain, one of my favorite things (aside from loving on the kids) was just exploring the streets. On our free day, I got to hang out with my best friend and just roam down little alley ways. (no, it wasn't that creepy).

Back to our ideal day. The most important thing about this day? You would come with me. Seriously, I want all of my favorite people there with me. So come along.

What kind of things would we do? We would find quaint little coffee shops and order a coffee, with maybe a pastry. (okay, definitely a pastry) For lunch we would hit a little hole in the wall that is amazing (there would be bread, of course). After wandering and wandering, we'd end our day with dessert, preferably gelato.

I'd want to take you to China, London, Spain, and so many other places.

You know what, I think there's just too much to do on this ideal day. I need more of an ideal week (or month).

Another fun fact? Those converse are so yellow (they used to be white) because of all the wandering I've done in them.

So, now its your turn! Tell me what you would do! I wanna know!

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