Monday, May 4, 2015

The Ending of Another Year.

Wow, it's been awhile. I feel like this little place has gotten away from me and I haven't been writing as much as I like too.

So here we are, finishing up another year of college. I seriously cannot believe how fast time has flown by, as cliche as that sounds.

Sophomore year was hard in so many ways. It grew me and stretched me and I learned so much (especially outside of the classroom). I changed my major, made so many new friends, and learned about God's character and my identity in Him (let's be real, though, this one will never be fully learned).

So here are some of my favorite moments from sophomore year, as told by my favorite pictures.

If you follow me on instagram, you'll see a few repeats here and there.

Also, I apologize for the sappiness of this post and how every point is pretty vague. But there's just so much happening in each picture and so many people who have made this year so special. I love you all!

1| I visited Tandem more times than I can count this year. No complaints there, though. I have way too many good memories of Jordan, Emily, and I laughing over crepes and coffee.

2| These lovelies were always visiting me from Clemson and I love being able to see them often even after high school.

3| At one of our first Women's events for our college ministry, we made frames, and I got to hangout with some of my favorite people.

4| I just love this picture of me and Hay at the Christmas party.

5| The Bahamas was such a highlight of the year. This vacation with my best friend and her family was such a dream.

6| Me and the other bestie got to work together at GAP over Christmas Break, and I definitely had too much fun folding clothes with her.

7| Our family selfie in Savannah. I love these goons

8| Enoing on the beach couldn't go undocumented.

9| DC with Hay (and others, too) was the best.

10| We got snow in DC!

11| Clemson is the best, especially when I have Kristen to visit

12| Spain was such an experience and something I won't soon forget.

13| Olivia moved to California. So you could say I'm sad, but so happy that she's following her dreams.

14| These three. Too many words, but they made my sophomore year so enjoyable and get me so much.

15| New friends! We went to the mountain to watch the sunset the other day and I couldn't be happier to call these lovelies my friends.

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