Thursday, April 16, 2015

my time in Spain.

We've been home for more than a month and I'm just now writing about Spain. I don't even know what that means. Maybe I'm at a loss for words. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Or maybe I'm sad that I'm not there. Who knows.

Better late than never, though, am I right?

So Spain was quite amazing. Every time someone asked me how Spain was, I would simply reply with, "It was fabulous. I didn't wanna come back. I'm ready to go again." Plain and simple. It was too great.

You know how on some mission trips you're there for awhile and miss things from home and are ready to go back to the comfort of your own bed, with your own food, and can actually talk to people in English?

That wasn't the case.

There wasn't really anything that I missed (except, for my family and friends, of course). But besides that, I wasn't really wanting to come back to the States.

And then people would say they wouldn't miss the cigarette smoke, or all the walking, or the hostel, when they got home. But, I would miss even the "worst" parts about Spain. All of it.

That's already a lot of rambling. I apologize.

So here's what we actually did. We spent our mornings together and then split up at various markets. We did some prayer walking and engaged in conversations with locals, basically building relationships with the people we were working with. (It's vague for their protection)

In the afternoons we spent time hosting an English camp for the children in the community that we worked in, outside Madrid.

After the first day, I got moved to the older group of kids. I was kinda nervous. I know no Spanish, there were about 15 kids from ages 10-14, and one leader, where every other group had 2. Okayyyy.

But I was taught so much by these kids.
And I built relationships with them, these kids that I still talk to.
And now I miss these kids with my whole heart. The ones that I was nervous about leading.

At the end of the week of camp, we held a little "party" for the kids and their parents. They showed off all they had learned and it was fabulous.

Then it was time to say goodbye. And I wept like a baby. The person who doesn't cry. I stood holding about 4 girls with my best friend, and we all sobbed. Children were wiping away my tears and telling me in Spanish not to cry. But how could I not?

So that's why this post is labeled "Spain 2015 Recap". Cause I know there will be another Spain Recap one day.

Now for all my photos, cause why not?

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