Friday, March 6, 2015

Making long flights bearable.

So tomorrow is the big day where I hop on a plane and head to Spain! (Oh that rhymed!) And I thought I'd give you some of my tips on how to make those long flights bearable. It's gonna be 10 hours, which honestly isn't that bad when compared to the 15 hour flights I used to take to China.

So here's what I'm planning on taking to make these flights as bearable as possible.

A portable charger. This is my life saver. I got one for Christmas and haven't looked back since. This will come handy, especially on the airplane where it's frowned upon to use the USB plug in at the seat. (But who listens to those rules, anyways.)

A long cardigan. This is my staple for this trip. I'm bringing three and couldn't be happier. I love a good long cardi. They cover me up and are so comfortable. Airplanes tend to be on the colder side, so it'll be so comfy to bundle up in.

A good scarf. This is the oldest rule in the book. Always wear a scarf when you're traveling. Have we not already learned that it's cold on the plane? And you know that uncomfortable window? Roll us the scarf for a pillow. So many ways to use it, and it makes you look cute, so win win. I'm bringing my favorite Gap scarf, but I also love these Fashionable scarves. And they're ethically made, so another win win.

Headphones and good music, because duh. I am always looking for new music and have been loving my Spotify playlists recently. Need any good recommendations on music? Let me know, cause I got you.

A good book is always a must. I'm taking Harry Potter with me and I think he'll be a good companion for the ride.

Last but not least is No Jet Lag. I started using this when I went to China and there was a 12 hour time difference to worry about. And I didn't have jet lag. I repeat, no jet lag. And then one year I didn't use it coming home and I'm pretty sure I struggled with jet lag for the next month. Seriously, if you're going anywhere with a time difference, this stuff works like magic.

In addition to watching the blog for pictures and updates while in Spain, check out the team blog to hear from others!

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  1. have so so so much fun! I hope for safe travels and hour you have a blast!