Friday, February 27, 2015

A post from the heart.

I've been struggling with this space lately and what it is. My hope for my blog? That Jesus shines through it in all that I do. Does this actually happen? I don't know. And that kills me. Do I write for followers? I don't want to, but unfortunately, I always give myself a little pat on the back when I see my followers number increasing.

Natalie wrote on comparison earlier this month and hit the nail on the head. It summed up my thoughts that stir around my head.

I have to stop comparing myself to others. Because God has made us all in His image and what He has planned for you, may not be what He has planned for me. Like Natalie says, being content is so hard. Maybe it's not something you struggle with, but I definitely do. A lot.

I feel like I'm always really good at looking at my flaws, but that's not what God sees. He sees Jesus when He looks at me.

Wow this is all over the place. I guess that's kinda how I am at this season in my life. But I just wanted to share what's been on my heart lately.

I gotta stop writing for the readers and start writing for Him, because that's why I started this blog in the first place. To get my thoughts out onto a page instead of stuffing them in.


  1. I totally feel you! I used to write for the readers, but now I write for myself. (And God, of course.) The quality of my blog has diminished I think, but I'm not as stressed out.

  2. I've been really struggling with blogging lately. I get caught up in gaining followers and writing to gain more, so I definitely understand those feelings too.

  3. That's so great that you switched! And your quality hasn't diminished! I still love you blog!

  4. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! Let's keep each other accountable! Email me!