Monday, December 8, 2014

How We Rock Our Christmas Sweaters

Christmas sweaters are so fabulous. Even ugly ones. So, Haley and I jumped on the idea of getting all Christmasy for a sweater party this past weekend.

Here's how we styled our Christmas sweaters.

I got mine at Goodwill over Thanksgiving Break and Haley went the cheater route and bought hers at Walmart. I guess we'll let it slide, though, cause she did win 1st place.

Bows are also a must have. We borrowed them from Haley's friend and my bow literally covered the whole side of my head. It was great.

Tinsel topped off our outfits for an extra Christmasy feel. It got itchy after awhile, but it added a little extra to the outfit.

And the last thing we needed to rock the Christmas sweaters was a little sass. This isn't hard for us, though.

Also, good friends are the best. Love you, Hay.

How do you rock your Christmas sweaters?

Join in for Tri Style & Co.'s challenge to style your ugly Christmas sweater!


  1. You girls are SO adorable!!! I LOVE this So proud to see you rock the TriStyle Theme!

  2. You guys are so, so cute! To be honest I don't have many Christmas sweaters...

  3. Awww thank you! Go to Goodwill! That's where I found mine! People are always getting rid of theres! And you can never have too many!

  4. Thank you! I loved rocking the theme! So much fun! Love this community! And this theme was just too much fun not to do!

  5. My work is having a Christmas party this Friday and we're having an ugly Christmas sweater competition and I can't wait!

  6. Oh that's exciting! I love Christmas parties...especially with sweaters! Eeep! Please post pictures!

  7. Thank you! It was so fun to wear it!

  8. Haha love good holiday sweaters! These pictures are great!