Saturday, November 8, 2014

November Goals

Back in August I wrote a post about my goals for the month. And I was gonna write new goal posts for every month starting then. But we all know how well that went.

So, I'm gonna make some goals for November (even though a week of it has already passed) cause I do well with goals.

1. Finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and start Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
I'm pretty sure this goal won't be hard to accomplish. When I thought about this one, I wasn't anywhere near the end of book #3. But then it got so good, and I'm about 10 pages from being finished.

2. Study over Thanksgiving Break.
This one is gonna be hard. I'll be working, so when it comes time to actually be home, the last thing I'm gonna wanna do is crack open my textbooks. But I'll have an anatomy test, an organic test, and an organic lab practical in the matter of two days after break.

3. Save, save, save. 
I really wanna focus on spending less money in order to save more money for India and Spain. Especially while working, I really need to focus on not buying clothes. Lots of self-disciple needed for this one.

4. Focus on being grateful.
I know this is probably a tad cliche, but Thanksgiving is coming around the corner, and I want to really reflect and give thanks for the different things that God has put in my life.

5. Work on being quick to listen and slow to speak.
My mouth gets me into so much trouble. I find myself regretting what I say more than I'd like to. So, I wanna change that. I want to work on putting my filter in place more often and really praying before speaking.

Did you set any goals for November? 


  1. Tell me more about these India and Spain trips, please!

  2. Hello Charlie -

    I love that you too are striving to be more grateful as am I. I do try to give thanks daily and remember how wonderful God is and His love for me.

    Thank you for the reminder to listen more and speak less!

    Happy Wednesday!