Monday, August 18, 2014

Advice to my Freshmen Self.

Well, I'm back at school. And it's a totally different ballgame this year. 

I came back early as a mentor to incoming freshmen with my major and I'm totally loving it. I love being a sophomore so far and it's been such a great time so far. 

Sometimes, I wish I would have known a few things this time last year as a nervous wreck of a freshman. So, I'm making a list of what I wish I would have known last year and hope anybody who is entering this new stage of life finds this little compilation helpful.

1. Turn to your parents for advice.
It was so difficult for me last year. I have a little word document on my computer where I wrote out some of my feelings. And I was in such a dark place. I talked to my parents about a lot of what I was going through, but I'm the type of person to stuff my feelings in. So I did that a lot of the time and then got frustrated when my parents didn't understand. So, let them know how you are feeling. Let them in on your life. Even now it's hard for me to remember to keep them included in everything I do because of how busy I get.

2. Set up a good, productive routine that you can stick to.
I was okay at this one. But Netflix. It always gets me. So instead of vegging on it all the time, crack open that book. This is something that I'm definitely still working on, so it's always a work in progress.

3. Don't just study in groups.
Last year I found good friends that were in my same major. They were all so smart and helped me a ton. We would study together all the time, but then I would go back to my dorm feeling prepared for my test the next day. Wrong. Always continue to study on your own. Studying with a group is not all the studying you'll need.

4. Turn to your RA and counselors.
This is something that I did last year when I needed help and became really close to my RA. I still love her and would turn to her for anything. It also helped that we shared walls. hah But seriously, use those people. They're there to serve you and love on you.

5. Use resources that your school offers.
You can't do it alone. I'm terrible at writing, so I really should have used the writing center more often. I probably would have done a lot better in my English class.

All in all, make the most of your experience. I have a quote written out in my room that reads: "Don't be yourself; be better than yourself." I don't even know who's quote that is, but my mom told it to me and I love it.

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  1. I love all these tips, Charlie! I think finding a routine you can stick too (and that's productive) is so key in college. Time management is so huge at my school since everyone is so over-committed. I wish it was less normal to have a completely full schedule all the time, but the fast-paced culture of a university is addicting! It's hard to find your way freshman year, but reaching out to those around you is so important! Also, I've found I talk to my parents so much in college and that's been so awesome too!

  2. It's so fast paced, but there's something in us that loves it! I really hope I can be of help to those new freshmen around me!

  3. Those are really good tips! Enjoy this year!!
    xo ClassToCloset