Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A little Fourth of July catch up

It's the long awaited Fourth of July recap! You've all been dying to see it, right? haha

We had a great Fourth of July! Except for the fact that my sister had to work.

I had a few friends over and we had a fun, simple day.

On the island we live on, everyone decorates their golf carts and does a parade and I just knew we needed to do it this year! We had a great time decorating the golf cart and being in the parade!

We crashed someone's party on a dock after the parade and headed home for some soccer. We watched the World Cup game and helped my mom make some more food.

After some beach time, we headed home for an amazing dinner cooked by my parents and ate while listing to Jeopardy. It's not a party unless Jeopardy is on.

My friends and I went for a "joy ride" in the golf cart and played at the local playground for a little while.

When everyone went home, my parents and I went to the beach to watch some fireworks and then headed home for some sparklers. They're my favorite.

After some sparklers and some pictures, it was time to cross out another wonderful Fourth of July. What a great holiday to spend with family and friends!

How was your Fourth of July?

On a side note: Would anyone be interested in a blog post on writing with sparklers? Let me know!

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