Sunday, June 22, 2014

The map

The other day I was visiting my friend and looking at the big world map hanging in her room. She has pins in it of all the places she's been and all the places she wants to go.

As I was looking at America, I stood back and noticed how small we are in relation to the rest of the world.

And then it hit me. There is so much more than this material life I'm living in my comfortable America.

I could see all the nations and I could see all the people in the map that need Jesus. All the people that are missing out on His great love.

So why do I fret over what I wear when these people's lives are at stake? Why am I worrying about all the wrong things?

I always say, heaven come quickly, Lord. But then I say I'm not ready because I don't want these people spending eternity in hell. I love them too much.

These are my friends. My brothers and sisters in Christ. And I love them dearly.

They're living their life without the one true King and I'm living mine on the couch. Something's missing.

So, this summer I'm going to start saving to spend next summer elsewhere. Not on the couch, but in the world telling my friends about my King.

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