Thursday, July 4, 2013

Worn out

I am worn out. Today we started off bright and early with breakfast at 7:30 and prayers at 8:15 and then to the orphanage. We decided that today we would spend the first half of the day with the big kids and take them outside to play with chalk and beach balls. When we went upstairs I got Sky and Ray. Sky didn't really get up easily at first, but when she realized we were leaving the room and going outside she started to really pick up her pace. She was so excited when she felt the buttons on the outside of the elevator. I have never seen her so excited and happy.

These kids see the same four walls everyday. They need simulation and activity. They all loved being outside and having something different to do.

We all circled up for some singing and dancing and the kids really loved the hokey-pokey. We brought the little applesauces that are in the pouches that you squeeze out and the kids really enjoyed that. Sky was so content with her applesauce and the breeze from being outside. Even the littlest thing like applesauce and a breeze can make the biggest difference.

One of the hardest parts of the day was when Tyler, a little boy who has turned in feet, wet himself while siting on the ground during circle time. We showed the nanny and all she did was sit him in a chair…no change of pants or anything. He stayed in those same shorts until we had to ask one of the nannies to change his pants. So hard to watch and see.

We went to lunch and I think the break was much needed for everyone. We were worn out to say the least. I cannot explain how draining it is to be with these children who are dying for attention.

Lunch was good…the people at the restaurant have now given us huge portions of steamed bread because they know how much we love it. ha

We played some cards during our break time and then headed back to the orphanage later in the afternoon.

We spent most of our afternoon time with the babies and I had some good time with Jack. He is sort of babbling like he has found his voice, so pray that he will continue to use his voice and someday be able to talk. He is beginning to bite on his hands so I am trying my best to replace that with some of the therapy chew toys so it does not grow into something worse.

He needed to go get changed, so I took the time to play with Sue. Talk about precious. I would tickle him under the chin and he laughed and laughed. He loved it so much and loved just sitting in my lap. He was so content with that. He tried to push himself back into my lap every time he got out from being tickled. Just the simplest thing makes him so happy.

I played with Jack some more and his strength is getting a bit better even with the little amount of time we have been here. I love that little boy so much.

I went into the big kid room because I felt like Annie would need some help with so many kids. I went in and Ray was crying so of course I picked him up. He is the greatest. I put my necklace in my shirt so it didn't get tugged on and every time it came out for the rest of the day, he put it back in my shirt again. Then I kissed him on each cheek and he did the same to me. Seriously, so precious. When I sat down I had tons of kids climb all over me and every time they came over, he took my arm and made it tighter around his waist to make sure I was not going anywhere.

I feel like I'm leaving some things out…Megan probably went into way more

Bags are still not here, but they are in Guangzhou and will hopefully be shipped here soon! Keep praying! We have donations in there that we really don't want to go without! I think I'm over the no clothes now…I kind of like having a little laundromat in the bathroom…hope Elyssa doesn't mind :)

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