Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We finally made it!

Wowza. Today was a doozie. I left Charlotte at 7:55 pm and of course we were running late so who knows if my bags made it on the plane. I met up with the team in LAX at about 10:30, we did devotions, prayed, and boarded our loooong flight. 

The flight was about 12 hours and I am so blessed to be able to say that I slept for most of those hours. We got into Beijing, about kissed the ground and headed to security to hop on our next flight and meet up with Julia and Amy. A few of us went to the person to verify our ticket and they began to look around and call somebody else up to help them out. *Insert the panic* My mind immediately went to the worst case scenario and I thought I was about to be taken into the back or something. 

At this point some guy started to follow us and said he was supposed to be on our same flight. The ticket people said our flight got cancelled so they sent us to the ticketing counter to get everything sorted out. The guy who was following us (we called him Google guy for a little while) was seriously an angel sent from God. He was headed to Guangzhou to go home and was in the same situation as us. We got in the enormous line to get everything sorted out, but we were still missing Julia and Amy. We finally found the two blondes in the crowd and thanked God that they were close to us. 

We got tickets and then headed to the terminal…which we had to take a bus to which was on the other side of the airport. We got to our gate…then Google guy (which we realized his name was Beau) told us we had to go back to the terminal we came from and get our bags. So some of us headed to get our bags and this is where it got even more fun! 

Beau helped us talk to the baggage people and he told us we would have to wait for about an hour to get the bags. We all popped a squat on the ground and got to know Beau a little better. We found some bags but we are still missing 4…2 of which are mine. So maybe they didn't make the first flight after all. 

We made our flight to Guangzhou, got our bags, met up with Steve, and then headed to the train station. We got on and off the train nicely (answer to prayer!) and were wonderfully surprised to see Mr. Ren, the Director, and Joy waiting for us outside the gate. 

What a wonderful welcome to Chenzhou to be hugged by our friends. *Hold in the tears, Charlie* 
It was great to see them, seriously so happy to be back. We checked into the hotel, threw our stuff down and headed back down to eat at KFC. At this point it is probably 9 pm at night. We hadn't had a real meal since America. 

I am now showered, in a clean pair of shorts (thank you, Megan!) and feeling great and ready to start the day tomorrow! 

Thank you everyone for your prayers. They were definitely heard! Beau was a blessing sent by God who stayed with us the whole day and became our new translator. I am exhausted, but so thankful I got sleep on just about every mode of transportation we have taken. 

Can't wait to see my kiddos tomorrow! 

Please pray that our baggage is found and gets here soon---hopefully tomorrow! I've got a shirt for tomorrow and then I'm out of clothes! I'm just grateful to be here :) 

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