Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sweet Moments

Today we did more of the same with the exception of having the afternoon off for shoe shopping for the kids. So, instead of saying that we played with the babies and then with the kids, I am going to talk about some sweet moments I had with different kids today.

My first sweet moment was with Taylor. He is such a sweet boy. Whenever I see him, I have to give him a kiss on his cheek. It's just what I do. And I always say hey because he says it back and its adorable. I swung him up and down and he seemed to enjoy the attention. I feel like we tend to give lots of attention to the kids with special needs, because they tend to need more attention because of the special need. Because of this, I feel like Taylor feels left out sometimes, so I try to make an effort to give him undivided attention. We all do this…because who doesn't love him?

I spent some sweet time with Jack today and sometimes it can be hard to make him smile. Not that he isn't a happy baby, it's just that he's not super smiley. I noticed today though, that whenever one of his nannies comes to him, he gets super smiley. Now, maybe it is just because he associates a nanny with food, but I think it is good. They say, that it is good if the baby cries when the nanny goes away because that means they like the nanny. He doesn't quite cry, but he gets excited when he sees them.

Today we celebrated Blossom's birthday--she turns two this week--with a cake and candles. She's so precious. Shannon brought her a little two year old outfit which looked great on her. I did get some giggles out of her today which was pretty fun. She doesn't really like to be held by anyone but her nanny, but she loved being thrown into the air and to be tickled. I fed Jack an entire piece of cake…seriously, he is a man after my own heart.

We spent more time with the big kids and I took Jessie downstairs with everyone else. She is the most smiley baby known to man. She's so cuddly and happy all the time.

We did some tattoos with the older kids and by the end of it, Taylor was working on a sleeve. Seriously. And Dora. Precious Dora. Julia and I tried to teach her the Dora the Explorer song, but she didn't really catch on.

It was time to take them back in and I tried to take Dora…but she wanted to take a tattoo piece and put it in her mouth. She would not take it out…but then I grabbed it out. She tried to get the other ones on the ground and did not want to go inside. What a little stinker. I finally picked her up, but she was laughing the whole time. I love her so much. I have no clue if any of that made sense. It's late and I'm tired.

We went back to the hotel and a few of us went to the hyper mart for some groceries. What an experience. Some people tried to cut in front of us, but we were not gonna let it happen. Wowza.

Lunch at the hotel. Break time with friends. Dinner at KFC with some ice cream. It was a good night.

Tomorrow is out last full day at the orphanage :(

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