Friday, July 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Today was the day we all dreaded the most. The day we hoped would never come. The day where we had to say goodbye to the ones we had grown close to over the past nine days.

We got to sleep in 30 minutes today and headed to the orphanage for the party at 9.

They had the party on the ninth floor which is like a big conference room and there was fruit all laid out for us.

The nannies and kids started to trickle in and the nannies were wearing their Team Chenzhou shirts we brought for them. We brought one for every child, but because of the lost luggage, we didn't have enough for them.

Shannon gave Charlie his gift from his new family and he loved it. I cannot tell you how many times he looked through the photo album. I so wished the one from Leah's family hadn't gotten lost in the lost luggage.

The kids sang a few songs and then we sang our song which was really cool. Not the singing part…but the fact that some of the nannies and the directors were singing along with us. Shannon had the lyrics in Mandarin, so they could see what we were singing about.

I think my favorite song of the day was the "street dance" Taylor and Dennis did. They had hats and glasses on. It was adorable.

All of the nannies and kids sang for the last number and that was so sweet. It was cool to see everyone up there, but so sad at the same time.

They brought out the cake and Shannon and the director cut it together after we all blew out the candles and made a wish.

The cake was huge! Three tiered and oh so good.

I ate cake with Hope and Colin. That Hope is a spit fire. She kept pinching me and hitting Colin. That made me upset. I hate that she was being mean to him. He's so sweet that he doesn't retaliate and Hope thinks it is so funny.

We all went down to the fifth floor to say goodbye and that was easier than I expected. Colin followed me around everywhere as I said my goodbyes. The hardest goodbye was Jack.

I picked him up from his crib and he was crying. He loves to be held now that I have held him so much. It was Colin, Jack, and me all by his crib. It was perfect in that little moment.

But then I had to put him down because we were running a little late and he started to bawl. I had to leave the room while my baby cried and cried. That was so hard.

I decided that I was going to head downstairs for lunch but Colin would not let go. At all. I don't know if he just didn't understand that I was leaving, but when he saw me crying, he put his head in his hands and cried a little too.

Joy came up on the elevator and told him that he couldn't go with me so she pulled him away. I went downstairs and we headed into the lunch room for lunch. I think we ate in about 10 minutes because of how late we were running. The food was good and the company was even better.

The kids ate with us and when they were done, Colin came right up to me and gave me a hug from behind. That was the last time I saw him.

We walked to the hotel with nannies and the director and Mr. Ren. We took a bus to the train station and then it was time to say goodbye.

That was when the tears started to flow for me. I think I hugged Liz and Joy about 5 times before I walked away. I will miss them so much. The director and just about everyone else was crying too. It was very cool to see how they now cry when we leave.

We are now on the train, about 4 hours into our 8 hour trip. It is nice with so much leg room and a pretty nice way to travel. We are going to Beijing and will arrive at about 10 tonight. Tomorrow is our day of touring around Beijing and then home the day after. Pray I make it to the top of the Great Wall :)

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