Thursday, July 4, 2013

Penelope and Oliver from Day 2

I forgot to talk about two precious children today. Penelope and Oliver.

I sat with Penelope outside for a little bit today trying to get her to chew on therapy toys. Why you ask? Penelope grinds her teeth day in and day out. It's like silent pain…no tears, just grinding and biting of the hands which the nannies tie up. Gosh, she breaks my heart. Any time you are near her, you hear the grinding of the teeth. You can see the swollen hands and the scars.

We tried giving her these therapy chew toys any time she grinds her teeth or tries to bite her hands, but she does not seem to like them. I have yet to see her crack a smile.

Oliver is a boy who has been sitting the whole time we have been here. He sits and nods "no" all day long. He wouldn't go outside with us today. I tried to slowly open him up today and something seemed to work. I started with his hands, and then I grabbed his hands and he held my hand. Then I tried to pick him up and his legs are like jello. Actually, more like legs that are stuck in the position of sitting. Every time I tried to have him stand, his legs would go back into that same position. Amy tried warming up his leg muscles and I think he can stand. I think why I am broken for him is because of his lifeless stare.

These kids have the look of nothing on their faces if that makes any sense. Just blank stares, like nothing is there. But when you get to know them, tickle them, and sit with them, those stares seem to go away for a moment. And then the next day, the stares go away for a little more than a moment. Every day that we are here, it gets a little better. Every day one more step is being taken.

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