Thursday, July 18, 2013

"It was good."

I've been back for about 3 days now.

Everybody I see asks me how the trip was.

All I can say is, "It was good."

What else do you say?

I wish so badly that I could convey what I saw to everyone I come in contact with.

I wish I could share this experience, these faces, or this place.

But in reality, words don't do any of it justice.

Words can't describe kids who look at the same four walls everyday. Words can't explain a trip where your heart is changed. Words can't show emotions, personalities, or feelings.

The best I can do is pictures. Hopefully somehow, through pictures you can see the kids and nannies we loved on. Hopefully you can begin to see their personalities and who they really are.

It's at this point where I feel like I'm stuck with my hands tied behind my back. Where do I go from here? What do I do?

How do you get off a plane and go back into the normal rhythm of everyday life? Where I can hop in my car to go anywhere. Escape to my air conditioned home when the heat is too much. Pick out an outfit from my closet. Take a shower at my leisure. Sleep in a comfortable bed with four pillows.

These kids stay in the same place everyday. Sweat drips from their face with barely any air to cool them off. They wear the same outfit day in and day out. Showers are not a daily routine...probably a weekly routine, if that. They share beds, on bamboo mats.

I feel like this is turning into a guilt trip, so I'll end with this: remember these sweet faces in your prayers tonight.

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