Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting a little redundant

Today started out like any other, but we did change it up a bit. We decided to divide up our divided part of the days and spent an hour of our morning with the babies before doing the big kids and then an hour with babies and an hour with kids in the afternoon.

It was nice spending the morning with the babies. Very relaxing and always refreshing. Jack was happy as always.

After awhile of babies we took the big kids downstairs. Its funny taking Sky downstairs. Whenever she knows one of us has her hand, she jumps up and takes us to the elevator. She knows whats happening.

We grabbed bubbles and chalk and that entertained the kids for the rest of the morning. I was having Dora mimic me which is oh so fun. She can say "I love you", "bubbles", and tons of other stuff. It's so precious.

It was sad today to see the older kids just pull down there pants and squat when they need to use the restroom. Just outside for everyone to see. Also, its super sad when someone wets their pants and none of the nannies do anything about. They just sit them in a chair.

We took them inside when it was about time to leave and headed back to the hotel for lunch. We did devotions and Elyssa and I took a power nap before heading back to the orphanage.

We spent the first hour of our afternoon with babies and baby Jack did really well with his standing. I walked into the big kid room and it's gotten to the point where when a big kid wants us, they call us "jie jie" which means older sister. The nannies have taught them to do that. I love it.

We did some scratch off craft and some of them got it, but its sad that most of them didn't. They just aren't all there.

Taylor is so precious. He is eight years old and perfectly healthy. He mimics everything you say. Every time I say, "hey" to him, he says it right back. I really hope he gets a family when he gets put on the list. He would thrive in ANY family. Especially mine :)

It was time to leave and now we're back and ready to get some rest for tomorrow!

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