Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dumplings and School kids!

I think today was our fourth day…I'm losing track!

We started off our day with excitement of seeing the big kids from school, but were sad to know they would not be there until the afternoon. We took some of the big kids outside and just sat and played. I think just being outside is so exciting, so we almost don't need many supplies to keep them entertained. 

The nannies brought out some crafts and we helped them with those. We could not figure out for the longest time what they were making, but it was little flowers with sticks. I got Taylor and Dora to say my name…they are so cute and so smart. 

At one point Sarah climbed up some kind of "jungle gym" and all the kids followed in tow. 

We went to play with babies, because we knew that we would want to spend the afternoon with the school kids. I got baby Jack and we practiced standing and sitting on our own…more like his own. I got lots of giggles and smiles today…he is slowly opening up, although he was never quite closed to begin with. 

The nanny took him to eat and then after that it was time to pack up and leave for the afternoon. 

We were excited for the afternoon with the big kids, but were very sad when we walked upstairs and did not see them there. Apparently they were coming, but nobody knew what time. So, the nannies told us to go downstairs because they were going to make dumplings with us. 

We sat in the room for a bit waiting for instructions and then they began to teach us how to do everything. They brought in a big board to cut the dough on and then they flattened the pieces and we stuffed them. We all had some big issues ha. I think they all talked about how bad we were at making them. And then the nannies would come around and fix all the bad ones. ha 

I wanted to roll some dough because everyone was stuffing…so I went over to the board they were rolling the dough on and just stood there until someone handed me a roller ha. It was hard..and mine were terrible. The nanny tried to teach me, but I never did seem to get the hang of it. Then….I got to cut the dough. That's really what I wanted to do. I worked my way up! 

We had a lot of fun. It was great to really get to know the nannies and work side by side with them. We are on a joking basis with them now. There was dough flinging and everything! 

After tons and tons of dumplings…like seriously somewhere between 900-1000, we went outside to see the kids. The school were finally there! Leah had come in for a bit just to see Annie and that was so sweet. 

They all came running up to us when we went out, and who do I see but my little Colin. He ran up to me and embraced me right away. He just kept on hugging. That's all he needed. 

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he did the same to me. He is just so sweet. We walked around a little bit and I got to see all the other school kids. It was time to eat and we went into a room that is connected to the kitchen. These are both detached from the orphanage. The kids sat at one table and we sat at the other with some of the nannies. 

Our dumplings were actually very good. The best meal I have had since being in China. And I ate a lot. ha Ready for my super adventurous food of the trip??? Pig ear. It was gross. And we had no drink to wash it down it. I don't think I'll be having any more of it. Ever. 

The kids started to get up and I wondered where Colin went…but then I turned around and there he was with his hand on my back. They brought some watermelon and I decided to follow them into the kitchen so I could see them hack into it. Not much hacking was done, but the kitchen was pretty cool. They had big stoves and a huge wok. 

After our watermelon, we helped the nannies clean up and headed back outside. Colin came up to me and I tickled him. He liked that. I think. I had Steve ask him about school and if liked it and he said he did and that the kids were nice to him. I really do hope that is true. 

We talked to the director a bit and they are planning to have a party for us the morning before we leave. We asked if we could take the school kids to church with us tomorrow and the director looked at us like we had three eyes. ha But, we are taking them to church with us tomorrow which is a very cool opportunity. Then we will come back to the orphanage and have lunch with the kids and nannies. 

All in all, today was a very good day. I'm seriously DREADING the thought of saying goodbye to Colin tomorrow. 

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