Sunday, July 7, 2013

Church and a night on the town

Today was the first day I slept in so late! I woke up a minute before the alarm was gonna go off.

We went down to the orphanage a little early so we could grab the kids and go! We ended up taking 11 kids and two nannies who brought two other kids. We all had a kid and it was very interesting walking down those streets. We got so many stares. I don't even want to know what the people thought we were doing. ha

Crossing the street was a lot of fun. We ran across with the kids. Partly because it was fun for them and partly because we all wanted to get across safely and quickly.

We went inside the church and there were not any seats on the bottom, so we went into the balcony. We all shuffled into the front rows of the balcony and that was a scene in and of itself. Not to mention, the service had already started and everyone was singing.

We all sat down and got settled. We handed out lollipops to the kids and they all enjoyed that. We had a close incident of a lollipop stick being thrown down the balcony, but it missed ha. Once those got old, we handed out coloring pages and crayons and they enjoyed that too.

One of the nannies was really singing out during church which was really cool.

It was HOT. I feel like this needs to be said. It feels like 200 degrees out. Seriously. And then we go into church ad there is NO air conditioning. I could feel the sweat dripping off of me. Precious Colin would take a tissue out of my bag to wipe the sweat off of his face. Seriously, it was so hot. And when we finally went outside it was so much cooler.

Anyways, it was 10:30 and church was supposed to come to a close, but then we realize that they are starting to do communion. We quickly skid-addled out of there and went back to the orphanage.

The orphanage wanted to have lunch with us, so we had one last lunch with the school kids and some of the nannies. They were so sweet. They made us a great lunch. I ate so well. They made some of our favorite dishes and it was so good.

After lunch it was time to say goodbye to the kids so they could go back to school. Oh my heart. That was hard, but I tried not to think of it and I managed not to cry. I just have to remember that precious Colin is in God's hands and not mine.

We decided that we would go back to the hotel and have a break for the rest of the day. We went to the market to get more junk food and some laundry soap.

Then, a few of us went "out on the town" to explore some shops and came across some temple…but it was kinda sketch so we didn't go in. ha but it was fun exploring.

Then it was time for early devotions before dinner. It was super good. Shannon different stations so we had a date with God. It was really cool. It took about 2 hours, but I think everyone enjoyed it.

We went to dinner…but it was more exploring. We decided that tonight would be Pizza Hut night but that also included a bus ride to dinner. It was fun. Not super crowded on the way there, but boy is that traffic a doozy.

We had to wait to be seated at Pizza Hut. It's super nice here ha. So we decided to go to Walmart while we waited and that was the best. We had a lot of fun exploring the super cool pen aisle. And a few of us may have gotten some matching pajamas. Now I have more clothes! ha.

And then it was time for dinner. And it took so long for Steve to understand that we only wanted pizza. No extras. He thought it was the craziest and it took about 15 minutes to convince him that we only wanted pizza.

It was so good. Tiny pieces but oh so sweet. And by sweet I mean super good. When we were done is was back on the bus for us and walking back to the hotel for Steve. Apparently he said he needed to walk off all the cheese. ha

It was super crowded getting back to the hotel and I got pretty bus sick. Oh well. And then I smelled the durian which makes my stomach churn and it was terrible. Really only terrible to the point of not feeling well. I've got some coke and I'm pretty good now ha. Now time for some cards and a shower to end this good day!

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