Friday, July 5, 2013

Bubbles, stickers, and cuddling

Today started off well and then Steve told us that our bags are actually not in Guangzhou…so who knows where they are now. Megan's has been found, though and it is in Beijing and coming soon!

We went to the orphanage and went upstairs. We brought two full sized walkers and one baby walker, so we showed Caroline how to use it and it was pretty cool to see her walk on her own. She got very excited and the nannies seem to know how to use it, so hopefully they will continue to use them once we leave. 

Sidney was crying silently to herself and that upset me. She is so timid and shy and seems to be afraid of everything. Her and Sky just sit in the corner all day. They both were excited to go outside, though. 

We brought out some bubbles and the kids loved it. I spent most of our bubble time with Avery and I would blow and then she would blow. 

Drew was trying is very hardest to blow but his tongue seemed to get in the way every time, and a ton of spit would come out instead. 

The nannies wanted us to put all the chairs in a circle, so we had some more circle time. They wanted to play this game that is kind of like duck duck goose, but you go around with a handkerchief and leave it behind someone's chair and run back to your chair before they catch you. If you don't catch the other person, you have to go into the middle of the circle and sing a song ha. I'll try to upload a video of it. Dora, Taylor, and Dennis were super good at it. 

Sidney sat on my lap for a little bit and its amazing how much she's opened up to us in these few days. 

We went inside for the remaining hour in our morning for some crafts we had brought. We had these sticky boards from oriental trading and we ripped up red, white, and blue napkins to stick on it. They all did really well. Sky was having a ball. She loved feeling everything and ripping up the napkins. I played with Dora for a bit…or tried to at least..she's not really a cuddler. ha I love her little talk. She has the most precious voice. 

We cleaned up, headed to lunch and a break which was definitely needed. I got to see pictures of the 4th from my family too :) That made me super happy. I love them.

We went back to the orphanage and someone went to play with Jack so I spent some more time with Sue. For some reason he was crying and kept on crying quietly to himself for awhile. He would not crack a smile and that made me so sad. I'm just glad I am there to rub his back and cuddle. Who does that when we are not there? He cheered up after awhile and was back to his giggly, normal self. 

I went over to grab Jack and I am seriously so pleased with the progress he is making with his strength. Every day we spent more and more time standing up. He is holding his head up really well and I even saw him sort of crawl today. When he sees something he wants, he can scoot himself there. Can we all just take a moment and see how cute he is? You should hear his laugh…it's the best thing ever. 

I played with the older kids when it was time for Jack to eat and Avery loved being flipped upside down and tickled. She wanted me to keep doing it all day. I played with Ray for a little while and then spent some time with Joy just sitting with her and taking pictures. 

At one point Taylor took a necklace that someone gave to Ray off of his neck. I gave him the "stink eye" because he knew that he wasn't supposed to do that. When we were leaving, he took the necklace off of his head and put it on mine. What a sweetie. 

I'm probably leaving a ton of stuff out haha. If I think of anything, I'll be back with more. Time for devotions! Please pray for luggage!

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