Monday, January 28, 2013


While I was in China I jotted down some things about some of the children that I grew close to so I could share their personalities with you and so I wouldn't forget. Today, I'm gonna share about Colin.

Everyday when we would head upstairs to see the big kids, Colin would stick his head outside the door and look for us, and then he would give me the best hug I could ever receive. He was so sweet. The first day we met, he gave me a hug and I told him in Chinese that he was my friend. Best smile I could ever receive followed directly after. And from then on, we were kindred spirits. 

Colin has down syndrome, and he seems to be about 12 years old. He is super smart, and loved getting his new supplies for school.

He is super sweet with the other kids--he acts like an older brother to them and is so gentle. We were heading to the elevator one time and he saw the lady in the wheelchair and went back to push her--he is so just so sweet :)

This little guy loves to be held...and although he isn't the lightest of the group, he still wants to be held and will jump onto you to get the attention he so desperately wants and needs. 

We were face painting one day, and he was the first to grab the pen and face paint my face...just so gentle and sweet. 

We love you Colin :)

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