Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why + How.

I have unsuccessfully started to write about 4 blog posts. And I just don't have words. So here goes something.

I'm gonna copy from my team members' blogs and basically say 'ditto'.

So, Makenna is our team leader's daughter and went on the trip for the second time this year. She is 14 years old, but acts like she is about 20. I love her.

I was reading her blog last night and she was talking about Why. You can read that post here.

I ask those same questions to God all the time. I get mad that He allowed them to live in the orphanage and then ask Him why He didn't put me there. Why I got to grow up in a loving Christian home with two parents and an awesome sister. Why I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to crawl into every night.

Makenna said it perfectly when she said instead of asking why, it's time to ask how. How can we change the circumstances they're living in?

How can I share with them the love that I have been given?

I miss my kids like crazy.

I lay awake every night thinking about them.

It's good to be home. But I would do anything to be back in Chenzhou.

It's been about a week since we came home...put me on that 15 hour flight and get me to those kids.

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