Thursday, July 5, 2012

Going back.

Two years ago I fell in love with China and the children and nannies of Chenzhou. I always wanted to go back, but never thought I would actually be privileged enough to go back.

In October I felt God calling me to go back and I was so weary of all the unknowns of going back.

Tomorrow I get to go back. I always tell God that I don't feel like I deserve to go back. But He has blessed me so much with this.

I sit and wonder if the kids and nannies that I grew to love two years ago will remember me. But then I know that even if they don't I am still going to love on them as much as I possibly can.

God has me there for a reason and I am so excited to see what He is going to reveal through this trip.

Please keep praying for myself and the team as we head out tomorrow on this awesome adventure. We have lots of traveling to do but we all know that it will be worth it.

Please continue praying for health and safety as well as open hearts for us and the people we serve.

Less than 24 hours!

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