Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 6 at Chenzhou SWI

We got up today at our normal time, had breakfast, and then headed out on our walk.

We got to the orphanage and took the kids outside because they seem to be less crazy out there. We brought out chalk, tattoos, masks, and balloons. We also did some singing with them which they seem to enjoy. 

We also brought out face paint which was probably my favorite part of the morning. After I painted a few faces, Colin came up and sat next to me and painted on his face. Then he grabbed hold of one of the face paint pens and started painting my face too. So after about 5-10 minutes of painting each other's faces, I was covered in pink and yellow and so was he. At one point he even gave me a kissy face so that I would do that so he could paint my lips. He was painting me pink, so I think he was giving me some lipstick with the paint. Although it was messy, it was totally worth it. 

After things started calming down a little bit and they started to get bored of what we were doing, me and Elyssa went inside to grab some things we brought to dress them up with.

Lindsay, the loved the capes! The "flew" around and they acted unstoppable. 

By the looks on their faces, they all thought they were invincible. It was adorable. 

Little Ray had a cowboy outfit on and he rocked it so well.

I played with little Charlie and we blew up tons of balloons together. 

Monte's nephew picked out Cardinal outfits for Colin and Charlie, and let me tell you, they loved it! Colin came up to me and pointed to his new shirt. They loved them! 

And a Monte and Molly bought Sky a new dress, which she needed badly. She looked so precious in it. 

We gave them glasses and leis and they all felt like movie stars. They even had the poses down.

It was time to bring them inside, so we had snacks set out on the table for all of them when they got in. Of course they loved it. 

We brought out watercolors and Colin was so meticulous when he was painting. 

Some of the kids brought out their books that the orphanage has documented just about everything about them. There are pictures of them from when they were babies and they just love looking at them and showing them to others. 

We took all of them upstairs, and then started to gradually leave. I've noticed that it takes some time to leave because some of them follow us down the hallway. And then some of them continue to give you hugs and you just can't refuse them.

We picked up our laundry and then headed back to the hotel for lunch and a nice little break.

We went back to the orphanage and headed upstairs to play with babies. Little Jack was already in the baby room so that was nice ;) 

I got the onesie that I like to put him in (the one with a little mustache on it) and started to dress him. When he was naked, he just looked so happy and comfortable. These babies are probably so hot and they all have heat rashes that it must feel so good to have nothing on but a diaper. So me and him played around a little bit until I put his little outfit on.

During baby time, I noticed that Jack's little cold is getting worse. And all the babies seem to have the exact same cold. It makes me so sad. I just want him to be better. I don't want him to be 2 and a half and not be able to hold his head up. None of his paperwork is done, and my guess is that the orphanage hasn't done it because they don't think he has a chance of being adopted. Makes me so sad.

I have come to love this little baby boy. I want to take him home. He would fit perfectly in my backpack. I could make my suitcase pretty comfortable. 

As I have spent time with Jack, I have noticed how he loves being thrown in the air and then caught. And after doing that for a little while today, I got a few laughs out of him. Made me so happy. Gave me the giggles too. 

It was time to go again, and it made me so sad to think about the fact that tomorrow is our last day. I can't really talk about it because of how upset I get. We just got here. It's not time to leave again. When am I going to be back, if I will be coming back at all? I don't want to leave my kids. I don't want to say goodbye. I don't want to go home. 

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