Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 3 at Chenzhou SWI

So today we headed to the orphanage at what felt like the crack of dawn. We went to bed later than we are used to, and it was so hard to get up. 

We got to the orphanage and brought the kids outside. I think being outside with them is so good for them because I am sure they are cooped up inside all day. With the short amount of staff, I do not think they are able to go outside much.

We all sat in a circle and did some hand claps where Annie did a little clap pattern and then the kids copied it. It was a nice, calm time. 

We brought out watercolor and they all painted on coffee filters. Can I just say how much they enjoyed this? It was such a pleasant time for everyone!

A few of the people from dinner last night wanted to come see what we had been doing at the orphanage today and they brought their wives and kids.

One of the wives was so adorable and she spoke English and me and her really clicked! She was the sweetest thing ever! She was pregnant with her first child and was adorable. 

It was their first time ever being at the orphanage, and they were very surprised of what all went on there. I don't think the people of China really know all the ins and outs of what goes on. At some don't even know that there are orphanages in China. So, I think it was very cool that they got to come, and hopefully we were able to show them Christ through our actions with the kids.

We took all the kids inside, and played with play dough. It wasn't the best idea, but it was pretty fun. 

The people from last night who came to visit brought all the kids little pencil boxes and pencils. All the kids got so excited and pulled out their backpacks to put it in them. 

It was like Christmas. So sweet to see. 

They brought me and Amy into a room that has like a couch that is right next to the director's office. They wanted us to have a break and gave us she-gua (watermelon) and some water. Colin came in with us, and surprisingly enough they let him stay in there. I think he is so sweet that they do not mind him one bit. 

It was my turn to go upstairs to play with babies and I asked the woman who was pregnant, Elaine, if she wanted to come up with me. The first thing she said was that she was too tired to go all the way up to the fifth floor. They did not realize that there was an elevator. hah. 

Elaine and her husband went upstairs with me and we looked at the babies. She was so devastated of how small the babies were. I brought her into the room where some babies are hooked up to IVs, and she kept on saying what a pity is was. 

I let her hold the baby who is absolutely tiny because of her heart condition. We have named her Sarah. 

It was time for them to leave, and I am super glad that I got to spend time with them today. I think it was good that they were able to come to see what goes on here. 

We started to bring the older kids back up and then it was time for us to leave again. 

We stopped at the market for some more pineapple juice ;) I love that stuff and then we went to KFC for lunch where I had a soft serve ice cream which is the best here. 

We went back to the hotel for some more down time and then it was time to head back to the orphanage.

We spent the afternoon with the babies and I played with the little baby we named Jack. He is precious. 

Lindsey, if you are reading, I took some onesies to the orphanage today to play dress up with the babies. They are absolutely adorable in them! I think we have to wait to bring all of the clothes because the orphanage has to document how much it is, so we'll have to bring it in one load. All that being said, I cannot wait for them to have all those new and adorable clothes! I can't wait to share those pictures with you!

I got to feed little Jack and then we had some fun playing with his tummy. 

We left at about 5:30 and then went to the laundry place to pick up our laundry. Right next door to the laundry place was a pajama shop. I peeked in while I was waiting for everyone else, and felt the softest material ever. I couldn't resist buying some new $3 pajama pants. I call that a nice little deal!

We are going to a church on Sunday with the head nanny (she actually went out and found one for us and is going to go to church with us for the first time ever ;) and Megan needed a dress so for about 30 minutes before dinner me and her went on a little adventure to try and find a dress. Needless to say, when we actually found cute things, they were ridiculously expensive. 

But, Olivia, I found you some HK headbands ;) Don't worry, I got on in light pink and one in hot pink ;) 

We ate dinner at the hotel and it was good, like always. 

We are going to do some devotions in a few minutes and it's my turn tonight! And then I think we are going to sing some worship songs and then make a list of questions to ask the director. 

It's already been a week since we left! I can't believe it! 

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