Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 2 in Chenzhou and an Interesting Night

So today we woke up, no intruders last night thankfully, and we had breakfast and headed on over to the orphanage. 

We took the big kids outside to play with more chalk, balloons, and face paint. They loved every minute of it. 

We were able to make hats out of the balloons and even though some of them popped, they enjoyed it. 

I'm not the best face painter, but I did paint some awesome looking tiger stripes on some faces :)

I got to sit with some precious kids, and I even carried my little boy with down syndrome. We did some dancing because their was music from the elderly people. 

We were rotating about every hour to have two people with the babies upstairs at all times, because they are pretty much on their own. So I went upstairs to play with some babies. I am in shock of how small two little one year olds are. They are very, very small. But later in the day I found out that they are heart babies who are waiting for heart surgery. The orphanage is waiting for them to get healthier to give them the surgeries.

We had lunch at the hotel and it was fabulous as always! I went to the market with a few others for some water and oreos and some pineapple juice that is fantastic! 

We had a little down time where we named some kids and that was fun. 

At lunch Shannon told us that the guy director wanted to take us to dinner tonight with his friends who are the communist ambassadors for the youth in this area. I think they are interested in why we come, what we are doing, and things like that. 

So before heading back to the orphanage we spent some time doing a little devotion and a lot of prayer for tonight's dinner.

We headed to drop off our laundry on our way to the orphanage and that will be nice to have some clean clothes :)

We spent the rest of the day at the orphanage with the babies. They're so much fun and so happy all the time! I love them all so much! 

We got out some fun headbands and then did some more naming and feeding and it was time to go.

We headed back to the hotel and all got ready for dinner with the director and his friend.

So they picked us up, and boy was it an adventure. If you want to hear a good story, ask me to tell you about the whole night.

I'm going to sum it up in a few words:
Wine drunk by the men
Fascination with our eating
Some foods we were not familiar with.
I ate sea cucumber, a snail, and a really gross pastry.
By really gross I do mean the worst food I have ever had. And I took a big bite cause it looked good. Took everything in me to get it down.
They were fascinated with Annie
They toasted Annie
Megan looks like Miranda Cosgrove.
I got to use my Chinese to introduce myself.
They loved my Chinese and all clapped and thought it was good.
There was also duck and pigeon on the table
It was an interesting night.

Let me just say, it was nothing like we had expected. We thought they would be asking us questions of why we are here, etc. But I'm pretty sure they just wanted to see some white American girls.

Very, very interesting night.
We did make it home safely even though all the men were drunk and they drove us home.

We are now eating oreos and having a party naming all our kids :)

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