Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 1 in Shanghai!

Today I woke up at about 5:30 in the morning here. Surprisingly enough, I woke up feeling rested which was great! Me and Annie got ready and wasted some time watching Chinese cartoons.

We met everyone for breakfast at about 8:30 so that we could leave at about 9:30. Breakfast was good! We all fell in love with some really yummy Danish pastries.

We got on the bus and headed over to the Yu Yuan gardens which was super cool! While walking to the gardens we found some cool shops that we would hit on our way out.

The gardens themselves were very pretty. I think it was built for a family here in shanghai. Not really sure about any of the history beyond that. There were rocks, tons of trees, and little rivers filled with koi all throughout the gardens. We got to try some really yummy green tea, too. My highlight of the gardens was probably went I touched some koi ;)

After the gardens we wanted to get out shopping in ;) Megan, Elyssa, Annie, and myself headed out to find some good things.

One thing I have wanted since the first trip was a jade bracelet. I regretted not getting one last time, so I really wanted to find one this year. Well, today I did! I got a jade bracelet and some jade earrings which I'm both super excited about!

We ate lunch at a restaurant near the gardens and it is famous for its dumplings. Our guide, Fawn, showed us how to eat the dumplings by poking a hole in them, sucking out the warm juicy stuff, and then eating them. Definitely something different, but very good!

We walked through some more fun shops and then headed back to the hotel.

One of my favorite things about shanghai is how fun it is. I just enjoy driving around and looking at everything. Shanghai last night was very cool. They have lights everywhere! I also love looking at the tower in the distance as we drive. Last night, that was one of the first things that I looked for. Today, I could barely see the top of it because of the smog as I looked at it from a distance.

Annie, Elyssa, Megan, and I played some cards until dinner. I think everyone was exhausted from our walking and the heat earlier in the day that we needed some rest. After quite a few laughs and some good bonding time we headed down to the lobby to meet everyone for dinner.

We went somewhere for dinner, and it was good! I ate some chicken and also had a pepper with it and it was super spicy! My tongue started going numb ;/

We are all so tired! Towards the end of dinner I'm pretty sure everyone really started to just lose their energy. I probably could've fallen asleep at the table.

We are now at the hotel. Everyone is blogging so be sure and check out their blogs too! The team blog is If you look on the sidebar on the right if you click on the Flickr link, it should take you to pictures that will be uploaded each day.

Tomorrow we are heading to the bund, which is where the big sky risers are and the famous pearl tower! (the tower is my thing ;)

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