Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chenzhou SWI Day 1

So today was a good day.

I'm going to start with last night. Apparently some people came into me and Megan's room in the middle of the night. Megan popped right out of bed, and I just laid there and they scurried on out.

I woke up thinking it was a dream, but then Megan had the same dream, so we realized it wasn't a dream. They had a maid let them into their room and thought our room was theirs. Scary stuff.

So we went to the orphanage today and it was really good. We got their and brought all the big kids outside to play with some chalk and bubbles. They loved it so much. 

It was time to start cleaning up, and we used wet wipes. I had a precious little girl on my lap, and she loved the gentle feel of the wet wipe on her face. Every time I tried to pull away she would grab my hand and put it back to her face. She loved the gentle, cold, and soft feel of it.

We went inside and put tattoos on all of the kids which they loved. We did some coloring, played with bean bags, and stickers. They enjoyed every minute of it. 

It was about time to leave, and we took them all upstairs and said our goodbyes for the afternoon. 

We went to lunch at a little restaurant that was so good. My favorite was the fried banana. 

We had some down time and then headed back to the orphanage for the second half of the day. We went up to the baby room because we spent all morning with the big kids. 

I love holding onto tiny babies, but I just cannot resist holding hands or hugging or rubbing a head of an older child. They peek into the baby rooms and they just want the attention so badly. I couldn't help but go and play with them. 

I just went and sat with a child who has epilepsy, and my little boy who loves to cuddle and looks like an old man was crying and of course I couldn't help but pick him up. I love that little child.

Then I saw my little guy with down syndrome. He is so affectionate and such a lover. He's the best. He came and sat over with us and just loved leaning his head over on me. 

I love him so much. 

I want to take all of these kids home, and it has only been the first day. I don't know what I am going to do come day 7. 

It was time to leave, and after a little visit from a visiting family, I got to give the nannies and director a few photo albums from adoptive Chenzhou families. 

It meant so much to them. They loved seeing the children at home and with their family. Sam, if you are reading, I gave the album to Millie's nanny and she showed it to everyone. She loved it! 

That made my day. These nannies do really care for these children.

We headed back to the hotel and then got some dinner at a place that is known for dumplings. Although the dumplings were not my favorite, I loved everything else. 

We went back and had devotions, and got an abrupt visit from the director. They came in and talked with us about the older kids' education. I'll give you the reader's digest version. They need people to sponsor the private school education. The kids go to a school where other special needs children are there, and that is better for them, but it costs money. So, through Love Without Boundaries we can sponsor their education. And let me tell you, these children are so bright. 

After an exhaustive, sweaty, and long day filled with love, laughs, and lots of fun I am ready for a nice shower and some sleep. Hopefully nobody comes in tonight ;)


  1. Tears filled my eyes as I read your post from today. I can envision every little bit. What a tremendous couple of days you precious ladies have had!!! Keep us posted on sponsorships for the older children! I'd love to hear more about that! lots of prayers for you all! Big hugs- Robin

  2. Charlie:

    We adopted a girl from Chenzhou in 2006 and are interested in learning more about one of the older children. I received your comments about her early this morning and would like to correspond with you directly. Please email me back.