Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

As the new year begins, I made some new year resolutions. Of course, some of my resolutions included my kids in Chenzhou. I miss them oh so terribly. I feel like my mind is always trying to think of things to do for them, yet they are many, many miles away. I can collect and collect for things to take them, but then I have to get them there. If only I had an airplane of my own. hah

You know that song that says, "Break my heart for what breaks yours"? Well, that has always been my prayer. But after praying that, God has definitely answered. And my heart breaks for the orphaned. The ones without a mother and father. The ones who were not born into blessed America.

In James 1:27 God says that pure religion is looking after the orphaned and the widowed. I have the opportunity to follow this commandment along with many others this summer. As I prepare my heart for this journey, I realize that I have already began the journey. I began the journey when I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His.

Sometimes I get nervous about going to a foreign country. I get nervous about what God is calling me to do. I get nervous about not being able to communicate. I get nervous about having a break down in the baby room because of the children just laying there waiting for some attention. I get nervous about not being able to get back on the plane to come home. I feel as though one day I will have a one way ticket to China. Not planning on coming home in the near future. I think of the disciples and how they were so doubtful. You know doubting Thomas? I think a lot that I am just like him. I am always doubting the Lord and asking Him, "are you sure this is what you are calling me to?"

Every time though, I feel like He always responds with, "Yes, oh yes. You have no idea what is in store for you, little one."

Will you pray and ask the Lord if He is calling you to go to Chenzhou with us? Ask God if He is calling you to loving on the orphans in China. He will do amazing things through this opportunity.

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