Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Happy Adoption Month, and Happy Orphan Sunday.

What am I thinking about today? My orphans in Chenzhou. I say mine like they are mine, but they are His.

8 months from today, I will be on a plane headed for my favorite place in the world--China. I will be on my way to see the kids that I think about every day. I will be on my way to follow God's calling on my life.

My heart for orphans started when I was little. My whole life I have had a love for all things Chinese. In California, Chinese people would always come up to me and come and talk to the little girl with blue eyes and white hair. God started tugging on my heart then. He started to prepare me for a love for China. Then in 8th grade, at FCS, I got extra credit in my Bible class if I went to Sara Groves' free concert. Of course I would go. Who doesn't love Sara Groves and some extra credit? Well, who knew that God would be tugging on my heart so much that night?

That night Sara sang some songs, but she also played a video of her trip to Africa when she went to visit orphans. I was in tears. Seeing those children's happy faces. Seeing them grateful for just being alive. Seeing them joyful because they know and love Christ.

Source: via Charlie on Pinterest

Source: via Charlie on Pinterest

{All photos came from Pinterest! None are mine!}

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