Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, I am an ambassador for this great organization called Sevenly.

What is Sevenly?
Sevenly is an organization, set out to ending the problem's in our world we live in. Problems like world hunger, poverty, and human sex trafficking.

What does Sevenly do?
Sevenly creates 1 t-shirt design a week and $7 of each t-shirt goes to that week's charity. So, for example, I bought a t-shirt a few weeks ago to support Love146. The t-shirt had an amazing, exclusive Love146 design, and $7 of my t-shirt went to Love146 to help end human trafficking.

How can you help?
Now this is where it gets fun. You can go to and go and buy a t-shirt to support Sevenly and their amazing work, and the charity of the week. How cool is that? This week's charity is Convoy of Hope which helps to end the famine in East Africa.