Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 7--Abbotsford, St. Giles' Cathedral, Royal Brittania, Holyrood

Day 7 was definitely one of my favorite days. In 9th grade, my English teacher taught us about Sir Walter Scott, because we were reading The Talisman. Every since then, I have wanted to go to his house Abbotsford, because she said he had the most amazing collections. The pictures she showed us were amazing. And after going, the pictures don't even show how beautiful it is. 

When we got there, there were 2 very friendly horses as you can see by the picture. hah. We gave them peppermints and continued on to go to the house.

We could not have gone on a better day. There was barely anyone there and we could not have asked for better weather. It was absolutely gorgeous. I AM going to get married here. You mark my words.

We walked through the house, and can I just say how amazing it is? The property itself is amazing, and his collections are so wonderful.

In this little display case, there were things like a piece of Mary Queen of Scot's dress, Napoleon's journal and pen case, and locks of various people's hair (Lord Nelson, Sir Walter Scott, etc.)

Some pieces of his clothing

How beautiful is this?!?

We walked the grounds and went down to the River Tweed, which his house is right on. 

If you ever get the chance to go to Scotland, you have to go to Abbotsford. Definitely worth the hour drive out of Edinburgh.

We had tea in their tea room, and then headed back to Edinburgh.

We walked through St. Giles' Cathedral, which is beautiful like all the other cathedrals.

St. Giles' is the cathedral in which Giny (I think that's how you spell it) knocked over her stool, when the Word of God was not being preached. They were preaching out of the Book of Common Prayer, I think and she was outraged at what they were saying. [I probably just butchered that story completely--my apologies]

We went to a great Indian place for dinner, and then drove to the Royal Brittania, which is the Royal's yacht.

It was so pretty to see at night all lit up and everything.

Then, we went to Holyrood, which is one of the Queen's official residences. We missed the Queen in a parade a day earlier than we got to Edinburgh. We were so close!

Her famous flag was flying, so she was there! I stalked the gates in hopes of seeing her, but considering the fact that it was about 10 at night, the security guards said she was probably already in bed. Oh well!

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