Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 6--Drive to Hadrian's Wall, Drive to Edinburgh, Walk around Edinburgh

I am going to continue my blogging about our trip this summer.

Day started with our drive to Edinburgh, Scotland. 

As you can tell by the following picture, which is one of my favorites, we have a ton of fun. The Hammond family doesn't do things like a normal family, but we do it the Hammond way, which is definitely the best way. [I might be a little biased]

Definitely one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.

On our way to Edinburgh, we stopped at Hadrian's Wall, which is definitely off the beaten track. The wall's construction began in AD 122 during the rule of Emperor Hadrian. The wall was used as a defense fortification in Roman Britain.

The wall is pretty cool. It's in pretty good shape for being so old. It originally was 20 feet high, and now it's not as tall as I am.
How many people can say that they actually climbed on Hadrian's Wall

Last year I climbed The Great Wall, this year I climbed Hadrian's Wall, I wonder wall I will climb next year :)

After Hadrian's Wall, we continued our drive to Edinburgh. Driving in Europe is definitely not like driving in America. First of all, you are on the other side of the road, on the other side of the car. But besides that, it's so pretty. You're not on the boring freeway, but you're driving looking at sheep and everything green. It's amazing.

When we got to Edinburgh we walked most of the Royal Mile and got to see some pretty amazing things.

Edinburgh is so pretty. It's a very hilly city, so it's a lot of walking and a lot of hills, but it's pretty fun.

We saw Edinburgh Castle and St. Giles' Cathedral, but both were closed by the time we got there, so we did them a different day.

Edinburgh Castle is an amazing fortress! Look at those rocks! Those stairs weren't there back in the day. haha

Edinburgh Castle

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