Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trip so far...

Well, this trip has been awesome so far. Today is day four. I love my family so much.

Yesterday, we got to go to Liss, Greatham, and Portsmouth. Greatham is where the L'abri Manor House that Olivia lived in is located. Liss is where Olivia would walk to with her friends for pubs and food and to get internet to skype us.

It was so much fun to see where she lived for 3 months. I could finally picture where she lived.

Portsmouth was super cool. It is a city on the coast.

We went to a pub with super good English tea and we went to Primark (again :)) and walked around a little. Olivia would go to Portsmouth on Thursdays, which was her day off at L'abri.

We drove out of London yesterday when we left which was an experience, but was so fun! haha My dad did pretty well!

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