Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thoughts about today

Well, today is the day I have been dreading for a long time. Today is the day that one of my best friends is leaving to go back to China..without me. God called me on that trip last year, but for whatever reason I was not called to go back again this year, which I am frustrated about. It's so easy for me to be sad about this, but I have to know that God has a reason as to why I am not going. I know why my family did not want me to go, but why did God not want me to go? This has been one of the hardest struggle I think I have ever had. My heart for China is ridiculous and I get to watch people I love go back without me. It's so hard. I know they are going to do amazing things while they are there and I have been praying for them so much. After following everyone's blog who is on the trip, I will be reading about everyone's journey...even though I only know about 2/13 of the people that are going. I feel like God has put a calling on my heart, but for whatever reason He is having me wait and this wait has been tough. I don't know what I will encounter these 2 weeks that they are gone. God has a reason as to why I will be in Charleston instead of Chenzhou. I pray that He will show me that reason.

Sorry that I am just ranting. It just feels good to write it out...I don't think anybody reads this anyways. ha

I miss you kids! and I miss Chenzhou Team 2010.

Little Li!
I miss her so much!

I took this video last year and never put it up. Here it is! They were singing for us!

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