Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 100 Days of Summer!

Have you heard? 100 Days of Summer starts today!!! Wahooo...not! As some of you know, my favorite movie is (500) Days of Summer. Now I love that movie. And I could watch it over and over again. But it's so much more enjoyable than 100 Days of Summer.

Here in Charleston, it gets HOT! Now when I say HOT I don't mean you sweat just a little. I mean you are drenched in sweat when you step outside. It gets HOT. The first day of Summer is today, but we didn't really get a Spring. It went from Winter, to Summer :(

And it's only June! Wait until August...oh man it's unbearable then.

I sound so pessimistic. Thank you Lord for the heat, it helps clear out all our toxins! Does that sound better?

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